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I am looking for any good Socket library with events for Java. Mainly it should be used for client development. Server side is already finished (in other language).

Thank you very much.

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Depending on your requirements, using plain Sockets may be all you need. – Peter Lawrey Jul 11 '11 at 15:44
Yes, it is one of the possible ways. Just dont want to write something what is already done. Anyway thanks for the Mina mentioning. – Jakub Truneček Jul 11 '11 at 15:49
Apache Mina used to be a more popular choice (AFAIK its older), but Jboss Netty now gets more results on google. ;) – Peter Lawrey Jul 11 '11 at 15:52

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It seems that the best one is jBoss Netty

The Netty project is an effort to provide an asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for rapid development of maintainable high performance & high scalability protocol servers & clients.

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Super, I will check it out. Thank you. – Jakub Truneček Jul 11 '11 at 15:37
+1: Netty has some benchmarks where they compare themselves with the best of the rest, you could look at those too. Mina is also a popular choice. – Peter Lawrey Jul 11 '11 at 15:44

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