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Basically I want to take something like:

<tr><td>heres some stuff</td><td>and some morestuff</td></tr>

and remove all the texthere and moretext here just leaving the table

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if "texthere" and "moretexthere" are not HTML nodes then it will be extremely difficult to handle. –  Brian Driscoll Jul 11 '11 at 15:45
Define certain. How certain? Your example is very generic and depends on the situation. –  darkbot Jul 11 '11 at 15:48
(related) Best Methods to parse HTML –  Gordon Jul 11 '11 at 15:51

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You need to find <table> position with strpos and then use substr to remove the text to this point.and then the same for </table>

$string = 'textheretextheretexthere<table><tr><td>heres some stuff</td><td>and some morestuff</td></tr></table>moretextheremoretexthere';

$table_pos = strpos($string,'<table>');
$string = substr($string,$table_pos);
//Your string now is <table><tr><td>heres some stuff</td><td>and some morestuff</td></tr></table>moretextheremoretexthere

$endtable_pos = strpos($string,'</table>')+8;//added 8 so i wont exclude </table>
$clean_string = substr($string,0,$endtable_pos);
//Your string now is <table><tr><td>heres some stuff</td><td>and some morestuff</td></tr></table>

Of course this is not perfect at all,i know but you got the hint,you can work on improving it and maybe end up with a function that helps you solve your problem.

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$text = '<p>Test paragraph.</p><!-- Comment --> <a href="#fragment">Other text</a>';    

echo strip_tags($text);
echo "\n";

// Allow <p> and <a>
echo strip_tags($text, '<p><a>');
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that would remove the tags yes, i am looking to remove any and all text before and after an html block that has been stripped, sorry i should have been more clear –  user639705 Jul 11 '11 at 15:58

This is would be the easiest way.


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