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$ VAR1=test

$ VAR2=testing

$ VAR3=$VAR1_$VAR2

$ echo $VAR3


I expected "test_testing" as the output. Why its not working? How to output in "test_testing" format? (make $VAR1_$VAR2 work)

Does it interprets VAR3=$VAR1_$VAR2 as VAR3=$(VAR1_$VAR2) ?

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it interprets VAR3=$VAR1_$VAR2 as $VAR1_ + $VAR2 --- there is no variable named $VAR1_

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An alternative would be: VAR3=${VAR1}_${VAR2} –  carlspring Oct 10 '11 at 15:20


$ echo ${VAR1}_${VAR2}

Without the braces, it parses the combination as ${VAR1_}${VAR2}. Since you do not have a $VAR1_ variable defined, you see only the value of $VAR2.

You can see this if you define a variable $VAR1_:

$ VAR1_=another
$ echo $VAR1_$VAR2
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