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I am trying to interface a 4-wire resistive touchscreen to a PIC24FJ256 from Microchip. This is my first time using these and am looking for guidance as to how to go about it.

All I could find is a driver from Microchip called "ResTouchScreen.c". Before I go ahead and study this driver, has anyone written a library for handling resistive touch screens ? How complex is this task ?

Thanks ! Phil

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I work with these micros on a regular basis, and did once a project involving a 4 wire resistive touchscreen, although it was connect to an embedded computer instead of a PIC. What I did was to hook a touchscreen driver between the embedded computer and the touchscreen.

However, I think that what you actually want to do is to read the touchscreen directly with the micro. In this regard there is much info in the web, but I find that you can do as suggested in this appnote. It talks about using an msp430, but the micro you are using can be also used in the same way since it has all the peripherals needed.

I hope it is a bit more clear now.

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Thanks, I figured something out, seems to be working. – overscore Jul 13 '11 at 4:43

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