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(function () 
  if (!map.me)
    map.me = map.createLocationMarker(
      "http://libgmail.sourceforge.net/man.png", N.get("local"));
  mv = function(i) 
    c = map.directions.polyline.getPoint(i);
    map.setMarkerPosition(map.me, N.get("local"), c); 
    if (i < map.directions.polyline.numPoints - 1)
       window.setTimeout("mv("+(i+1) + ")",750)

what is i and what is c, i want to use this code in my javascript so that i can move my mam icon along a route, how can i do it

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You really should try to format your code so it's a bit readable. I made an attempt, I hope I didn't mangle it. –  unwind Mar 20 '09 at 8:22
People who would like to help will probably want to know - what exactly are you trying to do, in what context and where did that code come from... –  J M Mar 20 '09 at 8:24

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c is a co-ordinate and i is an indexer, both are coming from the outer scope to which this code belongs.

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c - point in the map i - integer parameter of function, that means number of point, starts with 0, every recursion loop increments by 1, ends by map.directions.polyline.numPoints - 1

This code shows the way across all points in map.directions.polyline

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