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I have an application that when accessed its the main.php controller, which spits out the main_view.php view. Now I was wondering what is the right way to go from this view to another controller to generate the next view. The CI tutorials just talk about going from controller to view not the other way around. I have a form that I need to submit on main_view.php and then generate the next view from a database based on that info.


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You target controllers and functions in the url like this yoursite.com/controller_name/function_name. so the form on main_view.php can link to any controller/function you want, ie yoursite.com/form_controller/form_processing_function

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Use site_url to ensure portability of your application:

echo site_url("controller/method");

See http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-guide/general/helpers.html for more info.

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