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I have the following line:

associatedGuiElements.listElements.Sort(Function(x, y) x.zIndex.CompareTo(y.zIndex))

Now, the line is just supposed to sort the list by a property (zIndex). It works fine in Windows using VS but when I imported the project into Mono, this is the only line it has problems with. Can anybody explain why? The error message is:

/media/FreeAgent Drive/HalfDime Engine/HalfDime Engine/Engine/HalfDime_Engine.vb(74,74): Error VBNC99999: Unexpected error: There has been an internal error in the compiler: (VBNC99999) (HalfDime Engine)

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This means the actual VB.NET compiler has a bug that caused it to crash. Your best bet is to file a bug with a simple test case in the Novell Bugzilla

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