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A site upon which I'm working is using the following jQuery twitter widget to display feeds:

Simple jQuery twitter widget

Unfortunately, while this widget functions properly on most browsers, the Twitter handles contained within tweets or as part of replies do not display. Instead, Safari & IE are content to just spit out the variable in the script.

I believe the problem may be in how those browsers are interpreting this function:

String.prototype.convertAtToLink = function () {
        return this.replace(/\@[A-Za-z0-9]*/, function (str) {
            var link = "{0}";
            link = link.format(str.substr(1));
            var rstr = '<a href="{0}">{1}</a>';
            return rstr.format(link, str);

So for example, when in Firefox or another browser, a tweet will appear with RT @username, in Safari it will appear as RT {1}.

Has anyone else encountered this? Is it tied into the ever-present document.ready issue Safari seems to have? Thanks in advance.

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Looking at this small block of code, what I have noticed is the difference here:

var rstr = '<a href="{0}">{1}</a>';

You have the {0} in double quotes but not the {1}, perhaps changing this to be consistent will allow both variables to properly display.

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James, thank you but I think the previous function shows why your solution won't yield better results: String.prototype.format = function () { var str = this; for (arg in arguments) { str = str.replace("{" + arg + "}", arguments[arg]); } return str; }; Also, notice that this is occurring an href string where the double quotes are going to surround the destination URL just as they do in raw HTML. – Josh Loomis Jul 11 '11 at 18:13

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