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I downloaded Eclipse Helios "BlackBerry JDE PluginFull 1.3". I installed it, and installation process terminated successfully. But Whenever I try to create a new BB project, i got the following message:

No BlackBerry JRE is installed.
Please click "Configure JREs..." link to configure a BlackBerry JRE

When i click the "configure JREs" link, I find that the configuration contains JRE6, but still the dropdown of creating a new project can't detect the JRE ! I checked installed JREs in Eclipse, I found that JRE6 is installed and is checked to be used as default.

So I added a new installed JRE files, from preferences window in Eclipse and I made it point to the JRE6 installed in File System. Finally I tried to create a new project with this new created JRE, still the problem exists !

I searched online for the issue, and I found many users say to update from help menu using
I used it and I chose Blackberry Java SDK 5.0 , after installation successfully process this didn't solve the issue

Any suggestions or advises ?

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Here is the solution: Simply, RESTART THE MACHINE !

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It's working, thanks Ashraf! – Mark Joseph Del Rosario Sep 20 '12 at 3:45

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