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RegEx guru wanted: I want to strip library names in packaging an sbt project. Namely if my dependency is called

val in = "scala-swing-2.9.0-1.jar"

I want to re-write the name as


E.g. given a method

def rewrite(p: util.matching.Regex, s: String) = s match {
  case p(name) => name + ".jar"
  case _       => s

I tried

rewrite("""([^-_]*)[-_].*.jar""".r, in)  // gives "scala.jar"


rewrite("""(.*)[-_]\d.*.jar""".r, in)    // gives "scala-swing-2.9.0.jar"



Bonus questions:

val in2 = "audiowidgets_2.9.0-1-0.10-SNAPSHOT.jar"
require(rewrite( ???, in2 ) == "audiowidgets.jar")

val in3 = "jsyntaxpane-0.9.5-b29.jar"
require(rewrite( ???, in3 ) == "jsyntaxpane.jar")
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You could perhaps get away with something simpler too:

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hmmm, yeah, that's seems to cover all cases. regex will always remain voodoo for me –  0__ Jul 20 '11 at 17:05

Finally I know what they are talking about with the 'greedy' and 'reluctant' attributions...

val re = """(.*?)(?:[-_](?:(?:[^-_]*\d)|SNAPSHOT))+.jar""".r

rewrite( re, in )  // "scala-swing.jar"
rewrite( re, in2 ) // "audiowidgets.jar"
rewrite( re, in3 ) // "jsyntaxpane.jar"
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