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So here's the situation. At my work place this morning 7 of our servers suddenly were choking on places using custom .NET PerformanceCounters (they had been working fine for months). In particular, even though the counters were single-instance counters, .NET thought they were multi-instance counters and threw an exception for the first time today.

No new code rolled out, but system admin rolled out several patches throughout the week and then rebooted them this weekend (that's when the problem started occurring). They also don't have a lot of available information on what they installed and if it touched the registry (not sure if they don't know or can't say for some system security reason).

I can rebuild the counters easily enough (using "lodctr /r" to repair or "installutil" to uninstall/reinstall the counters) and it works again, so my question isn't how to fix this.

My question is that I'm wondering if there's any way I can analyze the corrupted machines (I have them for a few hours before they will be fixed after market hours, no changes allowed till then) to see how they got corrupted to see what the offending modification was?

I know there are perf*.dat files in windows/system32 and of course the big registry keys in local machine/software/Microsoft/WindowsNt/CurrentVersion/Perflib/9, I've peeked at these, but not sure how a corruption in these could result in it thinking the isntance type of the category was completely different...

If it helps, the following were the installed patches:

KB975558 KB2544893 KB2536276 KB2535512 KB2503665 KB2476490 KB2443105 KB2440591 KB2436673 KB978542 KB2423089 KB2416451 KB2387149 KB237811 KB2360937 KB2347290 KB2296199 KB979687 KB2124261 KB2229593 KB2296011 KB2286198 KB980436 KB981322 KB2259922 KB982132 KB982214 KB2121546 KB2115168

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either they don't know or won't admit ...well, they won't admit they don't know - ever. But it seems obvious that one of the patches caused something to go awry. – IAbstract Jul 11 '11 at 19:24
I agree, but I'd love to be able to warn the other groups when the offending patch/install happens that they should rebuild their counters afterwards. – James Michael Hare Jul 11 '11 at 19:31
Warnings would be nice - definitely. – IAbstract Jul 11 '11 at 19:32