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I tried all the day to set up a Zend Framework project in Dreamweaver CS5.5. Now, after a few hours spending on google and the CS5.5 doc, i am still not able to debug a Zend Framework project in Dreamweaver:

Let's say, i have a module called "admin" in /application/modules/admin. If i try the Live View feature, Live Code, or the dynamic files discover, it fails at all.

If I try to debug the IndexController of the AdminModule, Dreamweaver always tries to render the page, insteadof[/index/index]

Is there any way to get those features working with Dreamweaver CS5.5?

Also, the include path does not work. The /public/index.php includes something like require_once 'Zend/Application.php';. Where does Dreamweaver search? He tells me that he can not find the file Omg, srsly?

I hope there are some Dreamweaver PHP developers out there which can help me.

Btw, I am using Zend Studio at the moment and wanted to get a "quick" look into the new CS5.5 features :/

Update 16.05.2012

Little update from me. I'm currently Using PHPStorm from JetBrains. It is the best IDE I ever had. (Ecpilse/Aptana/Zend Studio/PHPDesigner). Autocomplete for nearly everything, huge plugin repository and much nice features like LESS Support, NodeJS Support, PHPUnit integration or an integrated Git Client. Give it a try. It's free for open source projects.

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Well, I think that was my ubconscious mind, while translating my problem to english ;) – Matthias Bayer Jul 11 '11 at 19:17
Zend Studio much better than Dreamweaver for Zend Framework development. Don't waste your time on Dreamweaver. – brady.vitrano Jul 11 '11 at 19:55
Quite frankly I would not use Dreamweaver for ANY php project. Dreamweaver is great for creating your designs but not php coding. – Adrian World Jul 11 '11 at 20:51
+1 Adrian World, I actually go one step further and make it a point to never use Dreamweaver on any project, HTML, PHP, whatever. Using Dreamweaver you are doomed to extremely ugly, and hard to read code. The only thing I ever use it for is the mass FTP (backing up entire websites), other than that, I never open it. – k4t434sis Aug 17 '11 at 15:50
Belongs on superuser, no professional programmer or designer would know anything about Dreamweaver and if they do they should try to forget about it as quick as they can. – markus Nov 11 '11 at 11:38

Dreamweaver can technically work with anything, but it's really designed to work with procedural php.

I would recommend the eclipse software with the pdt plugin or net beans. WAY better for supporting a zend framework project imo.

I'm not bagging on dreamweaver, it's a nice tool (especially for html/css), but for OO PHP programming, it's really not designed for it.

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