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I'm using IE8 but the textarea resize bottom right corner is not displaying. This same code works ok in Firefox. I also noticed the same problem in some online examples when using IE.

Anyone knows the trick to display the resize bottom corner in IE?


textarea { resize:both; }


<textarea rows="20" cols="150"> 

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So far, the resize CSS property is only supported by the Gecko and WebKit engines (i.e. Firefox, Chrome and Safari).

Internet Explorer and Opera do not support it (yet).

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The reason being CSS3-UI is still a Working Draft on W3C. Developers and UA vendors avoid the situations like this to happen. The sooner W3C decide, the sooner the vendors can implement. –  vulcan raven Sep 14 '12 at 8:52

The resize CSS attribute isn't supported in Internet Explorer. You may need to use a Javascript framework (such as jQuery) to get truly cross-browser support for this functionality; or you can simply not support it in IE (is it really that important that your users be able to resize the textarea?).

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