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I'm using C# and LINQ to traverse my XDocument.

Lets say I have XML like this:

  <Element ID="1">
    <Element ID="2">
      <Element ID="3" />
    <Element ID="50">
  <Element ID="x">

Now let's say I have the ID 3, and manage to find the element with that ID. At this point, I want to find the ID of the top-level parent node (it's parent which is one level below the Root). In this instance, I want to find the Element with ID 1. I can do this:


But I don't know how many levels up it might be - so I probably need recursion. However, I recall XDocument's being read forward-only. How expensive is it to find the Parent - recursively? What is the best way to do this?

My XML files could be upto 500k big.

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No, XDocument isn't forward-only. Are you thinking of XStreamingElement?

I believe the parent is stored as a field as part of XObject, so fetching it recursively is cheap.

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I have a LINQ book here and it says that XNode internally uses a singly linked list, so calling PreviousNode is nonperformant. I was worried that Parent might also be similarly nonperformant. –  Alex York Mar 20 '09 at 10:08
Right - no, I don't believe that's the case. Try it on the biggest document you're likely to see, and time it :) –  Jon Skeet Mar 20 '09 at 10:12

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