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I am trying to use boost to pass a function to QtConcurrent.

QFutureWatcher<GDALDataset> watcher;
QFuture<GDALDataset> future;
GDALDriver *poNITFDriver;

future = QtConcurrent::run(boost::bind(

where poNITFDriver is the instance of the class containing the method.

What am I doing wrong here? I get the following compile errors:

error: no match for operator= in future = QtConcurrent::run(FunctionObject) with FunctionObject = boost::_bi::bind_t<GDALDataset*, boost::_mfi::mf6<GDALDataset*, GDALDriver, const char*, GDALDataset*, int, char**, int (*)(double, const char*, void*), void*>, boost::_bi::list7<boost::_bi::value<GDALDriver*>, boost::_bi::value<const char*>, boost::_bi::value<GDALDataset*>, boost::_bi::value<bool>, boost::_bi::value<char**>, boost::_bi::value<int (*)(double, const char*, void*)>, boost::_bi::value<long int> > >

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I'm not certain if boost::bind will work as expected with NULL as an argument -- bind takes arguments of any type and NULL is defined to 0, so the 0 will never be promoted to a pointer type and instead be interpreted as an int. –  Cory Nelson Jul 11 '11 at 19:43
I added a real argument there, which is a char *, and I am now getting a different error. –  Derek Jul 12 '11 at 14:38

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