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I've been told it's possible to have Perl::Critic show the policy name that is offending in its output. But I can't recall what I have to do to turn this on. How can this be enabled in a perlcritic.rc?

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The --verbose command-line option can control this-- if you don't want to specify your own format, try the values 8 or 9. Both of these built-in formats contain the policy name. If you like one of them, you can add this line to your .perlcriticrc:

verbose = 8

(Or 9, if you prefer that format.)


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I rather like the idea of not having to define my own format – xenoterracide Jul 13 '11 at 19:50
verbose = %f line %l col %c\n    [%s] %p (%e) = %m\n    %r\n

Season to taste. You're after %p or perhaps %P. The specifiers are documented in perlcritic.

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