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How do I build up a global like integer array?

I tried variations of the following:

int *iArray; //this space will vary depending upon need in the implementation

int iArrayInit[4] = {1,2,3,4};
iArray = iArrayInit;

-bottom line: I need to keep index values in array that I can access easily, and use of [NSArray intValue] maybe to slow.


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If it needs to be static you can declare an NSMutableArray as static in the implementation file and expose static methods to access it. When using an NSArray the values need to be of type id which NSNumber can do. Here is an example which currently is not thread safe.

//.h file
@interface Foo : NSObject



//.m file
@implementation Foo

static NSMutableArray *_iArray;

    if([Foo class] == self)
        _iArray = [[NSMutableArray alloc] init];

    return [[_iArray copy] autorelease];

    [_iArray addObject:value];


[Foo addiArrayValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt:10]];
[Foo addiArrayValue:[NSNumber numberWithInt:12]];
NSLog(@"%@", [Foo iArray]);
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