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I have a package called studentServer which contains two sub packages student and common. The common folder has references to the student package and i would like to be able to compile this. How could i do this?

javac student\*.java - compiles the student package

but when i try something similar with the common package errors are thrown - I understand it's something to do with the classpath

javac -verbose -classpath "\student" common\*.java

But I couldn't get this working. Any help would be great.

http://pastebin.com/m2a2f5d5d - here's the output from the compiler

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Please include the exact output from the compiler, "something with the classpath" is, obviously, a bit vague. –  unwind Mar 20 '09 at 10:34

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This is a bit vague, but I suspect the classpath for the student code is wrong. Try without the leading backslash.

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If you have a directory structure


And you're in the directory above source, then you want to set the source path to 'source' with the -sourcepath option. You probably also want to use the -d option to tell javac where to put the compiled classes, so they aren't all mixed up with the source:

java -d classes -sourcepath source source/studentServer/student/*.java source/studentServer/common/*.java
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go like this

c:\> use change directory command cd until you get the desired directory (ex: c:\javaEx\proj1\)


cd javaEx go like this

c:\javaEx\proj1\javac *.java

now compilation done in all java files in the proj1 directory.

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