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this is not language specific but rather tool and management specific question. Let's say I have a software with version 1.5 and I'm working on version 2.0 with many new features. at the same time there might be some bugs in 1.5 which need to be fixed and can't wait for the version 2.0 - so I need to issue a version 1.6

The question is, how to manage those branches of the software locally on the harddisk and in a SVN repository? I don't want any of the new features already implemented for 2.0 to appear in version 1.6 - but on the same time I want the bugfix which I create in 1.6 also to apply for version 2.0.

So - how, what's the proper way to manage a software if you work in parallel on different future versions?

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There's a good document on the topic.

And if you're not restricted to SVN, here's more git-specific model for example.

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