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I want to create a text file into that folder that I am creating here.

File dir = new File("crawl_html");  
String hash = MD5Util.md5Hex(url1.toString());
System.out.println("hash:-"  + hash);
File file = new File(""+dir+"\""+hash+".txt");

But this code doesn't create the text file into that folder..Instead it makes the text file outside that folder..

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One of's constructors takes a parent directory. You can do this instead:

final File parentDir = new File("crawl_html");
final String hash = "abc";
final String fileName = hash + ".txt";
final File file = new File(parentDir, fileName);
file.createNewFile(); // Creates file crawl_html/abc.txt
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What you need is

File file = new File(dir, hash + ".txt");

The key here is the File(File parent, String child) constructor. It creates a file with the specified name under the provided parent directory (provided that directory exists, of course).

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The line

new File(""+dir+"\""+hash+".txt");

makes a file named crawl_html"the_hash.txt, because \" inside a String literal is used to represent a double quote caracter, not a backslash. \\ must be used to represent a backslash.

Use the File constructor taking a File (directory) as the first argument, and a file name as a second argument:

new File(dir, hash + ".txt");
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your path-delimiter seems off


File file = new File ( "" + dir + "/" + hash + ".txt" );
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