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I have had a few issues with my apps splash screen, how this stated was that I used a image to test an animation I was going to do just after the splash screen turns out this image was to big so took a long time to load and I wanted to get rid of it, however by this time I have tested it on the simulator and a device, and after I deleted "Default.png" and tried reloading everything the splash screen kept coming back....

From here I found a nice little write up about how to get the splash screen off of the simulator like so

by cleaning all targets, deleting in simulator, and then build and run in xcode again

this had to be done a couple of times before it actually worked however now I have come to reloading this app on my phone after deleting it with the hold down technique, and what do you know the splash screen is still showing! so I am wondering how do I stop the splash screen from coming up on the device as well? Any help would be appreciated.

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Go into your AppName-Info.plist and set the launch image key to some other image. It's also possible the file is hanging around. Go into Finder and see if Default.png is still there

Here's a sample image you can use. Set it as the Launch Image and it should still work.

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Cheers, I was hoping just to get rid of the image for the time being but I guess I have no option. I couldn't find anything in the info.plist area, and I have also checked the directory for the file with navigator... So I guess I will just have to update the image with your sample image for now. Thanks very much. – C.Johns Jul 11 '11 at 22:39

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