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I'm using jQuery Address to perform deep linking in an ajax site.

I have multiple arguments like this: /SomeController/SomeAction#/586?e=5808&tab=#First

Q1: How do I change just the "tab" parameter?
When I do it like this...

$("#tabs").bind("tabsselect", function(event, ui) {

..the result is: /SomeController/SomeAction#/586?e=5808&tab=#First#Third
instead of the desired: /SomeController/SomeAction#/586?e=5808&tab=#Third

In the event above the other parameters in the url hash should be considered unknown and must remain as they are.

Q2: How do I remove a parameter from the url hash?
Like above but if I want to remove the tab parameter completely.

Thank you!

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The link you provided has a tabs example

You can snoop the code with firebug. It looks clean

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Good try but parameters work differently. – Carl R Jul 11 '11 at 21:55

I know this is a very old question but thought id still answer.

You must first set the parameter to null to remove it then assign the new value:

$.address.parameter('tab', null) 
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