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I have a core i7 lap-top which has 8 processors.

I want to run all these 8 processors simultaneously with the same piece of code (something like kernels in GPU programming) for example:-

// GPU programming code (kernel)
__kernel void set(__global int* list)
    int i = get_global_id();
    list[i] = i;

I want to do something like this in mathematica but with C code not OpenCL, or do that with pure C code.

clearly, I want to run a specific piece of code in all cores using mathematica or C.

sorry for being not that clear .. :)

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You could use the pthreads library in C to run a function in a different thread (Each thread uses an available processor). Once that is done you can use MathLink to call your parallelized C function from Mathematica. Is there a particular example of a function that you would like to see done? –  jmlopez Jul 12 '11 at 14:07

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You probably want to read about OpenMP.

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Or even Cilk ;) –  bacchus Jul 11 '11 at 22:09

If you're looking for ways to utilize all cores in Mathematica, there shouldn't be any need to involve C. Mathematica has fairly good parallelization functionality, for example using Parallelize:

In[1] := Parallelize[Select[Range[9000, 10000], PrimeQ[2^# - 1] &],
                     Method -> "FinestGrained"]
Out[1] = {9689, 9941}
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Take a look at Grand Central Dispatch or OpenMP, both C-based APIs.

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