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I'm learning Qt. I just started to write a text editor from scratch by inheriting QAbstractScrollArea. I'm doing this just for practice. But now I'm faced with the problem of displaying a caret. What comes to my mind is painter.drawLine and QTimer. Can you give some advices on this. I would also be glad hear some strategies to implement block and underscore caret.

Off Topic: Is this a bug? StackOverflow says there are two answers for this question but I'm seeing only one!

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I've noticed that bug too. My profile page will say that someone has answered, even giving a username that posted it, but I won't see the actual answer for a couple of days sometimes! I'd really like to know why that is... –  Toji Nov 23 '09 at 4:04

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Take at a look at paintEvent() in QLineEdit. It has a timer that toggles the cursor on and off. The real cursor drawing is done via QTextLayout::drawCursor.

For a text editor in general, have a look at QPlainTextEdit and QTextEdit.

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