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I need to extract frames in certain interval of the video, (eg from 40 sec to 50 sec). Working in c++. First I am getting position where I need to start reading

static double t = 10 ;//time in seconds
int64_t timestamp = t * AV_TIME_BASE; //destination time
av_seek_frame( pFormatContext , -1 ,  timestamp + pFormatContext->start_time ,AVSEEK_FLAG_BACKWARD );

Then I using av_read_frame to get all sequential frames. The problem that I have is that I dont know when to stop. How can I check that I reached my end interval (eg 50 sec) ?


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Try to find frames per second and then use that number to calculate exact time of each frame as

frame_absolute_time = frame_number / FPS
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Hi Daniel, generally this method is working. But there is a problem, av_seek_frame, returns last keyframe before the timestamp. Therefore I starting to count my 10 seconds a bit earlier ,and as a result I can miss some frames at the end (around 49...) of the interval. Any way to solve this ? Thanks – kirbo Jul 12 '11 at 10:21
Not sure, except if there's an API call to get frame index for the frame actually sought to... – Daniel Mošmondor Jul 12 '11 at 10:24

av_read_frame() will give you a PTS (Presentation Time Stamp). It is AVPacket's member pts. Perhaps that value can help you decide when to stop reading.

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