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I took over an implementation of Magento Enterprise.

There is a URL that looks something like this:


It's got a dynamic part to it; under the CMS tab in the Admin I don't see anything that matches that URL.

In the extended local files, I don't see anything in the config for it but it seems to know to load up a particular template.

I need to be able to modify the controller for this particular page. Any advice would be great.


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Can you find "our-solutions" in the list in Admin > Catalog > URL Rewrite Management? – clockworkgeek Jul 11 '11 at 23:26
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The quick and dirty way would be to temporarily add some debugging code to the following file

# File app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Front/Action.php

public function preDispatch()
    //log out the class name
    Mage::Log( get_class($this) );

    //or just dump it if you don't know how logging works

    return $this;

This will let you discover which class file is the controller for the request, and you can code trace from there.

Also (shameless plug time) I build and sell a commercial product that will (among other things) allow you to (among other things) instantly zero in on which controller, block, model, or collection was used for a particular request. There's a demo page you can checkout, and while it's clearly self-serving of me to mention it, I also truly believe it's the best way for a developer to work with Magento.

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