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So far, I've been uploading one image by hand (FTP to the server when live, locally moving a file), and then resizing them on the fly using the img tag's width and height properties to resize them. Well, the images don't look good, because I need a square, cropped 100px version as a thumbnail, and then a 800px wide version for the view image page, and then finally the full-size original image for HD viewing, but I also need to apply a watermark, but only to the full res version. And I need help with an image upload script. Any sort of file upload, really. I've looked at tutorials, and they don't seem to make too much sense. Furthermore, I need to drop all three versions into a database row (which I think I can figure out). I know that I need to use something like $_FILE to do it, but I'm just really confused to the actual usage and the cropping/resizing/watermarking part really has me stumped. Solutions, anyone?

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File uploading

  • Upload using a simple HTML form and use PHP to manipulate the image. Example
  • Read all the images stored in a directory and convert them in a batch. Example

Image re-sizing

  • Use ImageMagick or GD library to resize images. Example
  • Use any of the same libraries to watermark the images. Example

In all, you need to combine all these in order to upload, resize and watermark all in one go.

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For the resizing, watermark etc, you should look at ImageMagic

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I'll look into it. What of the uploading, though? –  user811348 Jul 12 '11 at 4:29

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