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My apologies, I inherited a Ruby application/site with little training. I have been able to resolves many things without an issue but run into something when I go to connect to an Oracle DB.

Blockquote I, [2011-07-11T16:35:01.237004 #6456] INFO -- : OCIError: ORA-00911: invalid character: SELECT tc_testcycl_id FROM ONLINE_OLS3_DB.TESTCYCL WHERE ONLINE_OLS3_DB.TESTCYCL.tc_cycle_id = 463 GROUP BY tc_testcycl_id (ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid)

I do not see the semi-colon that many forums talk about and suspect that it might be the single quotes but am not sure. Here is a code snip:

  class QCTestCycle < ActiveRecord::Base
set_primary_key "TC_TESTCYCL_ID"


  QCTestCycle.set_table_name "#{@application.qc_table_name}.TESTCYCL"

unique_tests = QCTestCycle.select("tc_testcycl_id").where(:tc_cycle_id => @application.qc_cycle_id).group("tc_testcycl_id").all

Any other information that I can provide?

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The back-ticks in your error message are going to cause Oracle problems. Don't know how they got there but they need to go.

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Thank you. Sadly I do not know how they got their either but at least it gives me a route to investigate. –  ScottJShea Jul 12 '11 at 17:34

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