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I am trying to enforce that the state/province and country names in the address information for users comes from a set of tables where I list countries and state/provinces. In order to do this I tried running an alter table command like this...

    ADD FOREIGN KEY (stateProvince,country)
    REFERENCES `StateProvince`(`name`,`countryName`);

Then I get this message...

Create table 'realtorprint_dev/#sql-d5c_3d' with foreign key constraint failed. There is no index in the referenced table where the referenced columns appear as the first columns.

Does anybody have an idea how to handle this error message?

Here is the create for the state and country tables...

  name varchar(40) NOT NULL,
  abbreviation varchar(4) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (name)

CREATE TABLE StateProvince (
  countryName varchar(40) NOT NULL,
  name varchar(100) NOT NULL,
  abbreviation varchar(3) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY  (countryName,name)

alter table StateProvince
add constraint FK_StateProvince_Country
foreign key (countryName)
references Country (name);

And now for the user table...

create table realtorprint_dev.user (
  id bigint not null,
  created datetime,
  email varchar(255) not null,
  fax varchar(255),
  mobile varchar(255),
  name varchar(255),
  password varchar(255),
  phone varchar(255),
  title varchar(255),
  tollFree varchar(255),
  updated datetime,
  web varchar(255),
  brokerage_id bigint,
  address varchar(255),
  city varchar(255),
  country varchar(255),
  stateProvince varchar(255),
  type varchar(255),
  zipPostal varchar(255),
  activated bit not null,
  locked bit not null,
  primary key (id),
  foreign key FK285FEB6722226 (brokerage_id) references brokerage(id)
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There is no index in the referenced table where the referenced columns appear as the first columns.

You need an index on StateProvince.(name,countryName), but you have an index on StateProvince.(countryName,name). Try reversing the order of your index, or of your FK reference.

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I just had to reverse the order in my fk reference. Makes sense now that I think about it. –  Benju Jul 12 '11 at 16:08

Since you didn't show the create statement i'm not sure, but I beleve this has to do with the realtorprint_dev table not having a primairy key.

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