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I'm using the ☆ ( & s t a r ;) html entity on a webpage ( ), but it's not being decoded correctly in the android browser. It actually lierally outputs: & s t a r ; I was thinking and hoping that html entities had good support in the browsers, but not in this case, at least.

I read somewhere that using the numbered equivalents has better support but I haven't been able to find a resource for translating entities.

My server is serving unicode, so maybe that is a better alternative?

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Try ☆. from – Daniel A. White Jul 12 '11 at 0:32

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A good site for this is the Unicode Search site, found here. What you want is probably ☆

Decimal: ☆
Hexadecimal: ☆

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The one you want is ★ (black star) or the ☆ (white star with black borders). This should work in all browsers, including the android/ios one.

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Is there a reason that you aren't using an image instead? In that case, you avoid any differences that may exist in browser decoding.

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