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I'm building a registration flow that allows a user to FB Connect to pre-populate the registration form. I'm also then capturing fb_uuid and fb_access_token.

When the user submits the registration form that is submitted as follows:

Started POST "/users" for at Mon Jul 11 17:44:40 -0700 2011
  Processing by Devise::RegistrationsController#create as HTML
  Parameters: {"commit"=>"Create my account", "fb_access_token"=>"XXXXXXXXXXX", "authenticity_token"=>"XXXXXXXXXX", "utf8"=>"✓", "user"=>{"remember_me"=>"0", "lname"=>"NNNNNN", "fname"=>"BBBBBB", "password"=>"[FILTERED]", "email"=>""}, "fb_uuid"=>"50123190"}

notice the fb_access_token, fb_uuid

In the Registration#Create, how can I capture those values and populate the Authentications table? Do I have to override devise?


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Although you may not need this right now, here's a blog post that you can use to solver your problem:

Devise on rails: Prepopulating form data

You can use the method described there to capture and process the data you need.

Hope it helps.

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You can use the koala gem to pull those fb parameters from the facebook cookie after the user does a FB_Connect. Take a look at this:

I'm curious on why you aren't creating the user right after the FB_Connect which is the more common and intuitive user experience, as opposed to just prepoulating the registration form. Like this:

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thanks but I want to use FB to prepopulate the form, then have the user enter a password. This is the same flow used on sites like Quora... – AnApprentice Jul 12 '11 at 2:42
Thanks for the link to Koala, but I don't think that applies here. – AnApprentice Jul 12 '11 at 2:44
Sorry I thought you were asking about how you can capture fb params (access_token and uid) after the user is redirected back from a FB Connect. So are you wondering about how to add those params to your Devise user without customizing devise? – Kevin Tsoi Jul 12 '11 at 4:08

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