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I want to use the lapack library clapck, but how could I use it in Visual Studio 2008, in a C++ project...

Also I was reviewing Template Numerical Toolkit

Have you done something similar, what do you recommend to use with Visual Studio C++ project? Can you post a simple example with the headers that must be included?

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TNT is easy enough.

    #include "cmat.h"
    #include "lu.h"
     * PURPOSE: Solves a linear equation in the form of Ax = b.
    using namespace TNT;
    void matrix_solve(double V[9], double xb[3])
      Matrix<double> A(3, 3, V);
      Vector<int> ipiv(3);
      Vector<double> b(3, xb);
      LU_factor(A, ipiv);
      LU_solve(A, ipiv, b);
      xb[0] = b[0];
      xb[1] = b[1];
      xb[2] = b[2];
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