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I have a calculated double Price field in my report that sometimes have a value such as 1.23456.

Each row in my report has these data: Product name followed by Price in parentheses.

=[ProductName] & ' (' & [Price] & ') '

How do I format the Price in the above expression IN THE REPORT DESIGN so that Price always has this format: 1.23? Meaning always having 2 digits after the decimal point.

Thanks. Please note I want to do this at the REPORT DESIGN, not table creation or calculation.

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If you go to the Report Design view and right-click on the field that you want to format, open the properties menu.

Under the Format tab on the Properties window, there are 2 options

Decimal Places

You could select Currency or General Number in the Format option and put 2 in the Decimal Places option.

Based on your edit you might be able to do the following, I haven't had a chance to test this.

=[ProductName] & ' (' & FormatNumber([Price], 2) & ') '
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I've just added my report expression. Could you take a look? Thanks. – user776676 Jul 12 '11 at 3:27
You are a genius! Thanks. – user776676 Jul 12 '11 at 4:10

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