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I have some irregular jobs to do(frequent and many), so I can't use the crontab.

for example:

  • send an email at 10:20AM on July 22 2012
  • post a article at 11PM tonight
  • run a script at 9:50AM tomorrow.

I found the linux commond at, but that can't be managed easily, otherwise, I search some message queue (like zeromq) and gearman, they can't do scheduled jobs or delayed jobs too.

Are there other solutions?

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Did you try online cron services? –  Kizz Jul 13 '11 at 1:00

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How about APScheduler?

import time
from datetime import datetime
from apscheduler.scheduler import Scheduler

# Schedule my_job for year, month, day, hour (out of 24), minute.  Then wait.
sched = Scheduler()
def my_job(text):  print text
job = sched.add_date_job(my_job, datetime(2011, 7, 11, 22, 04), ['hello'])
while True:
  print datetime.now()
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Unfortunately, your choice is cron or manually manage sleep.

If you're using Django, however, this has already been accomplished for you.

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