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How can I save the value of float variable NumFiscalActual into the char(15) column impfisfac

On sql server...

impfisfac= cast(@NumFiscalActual AS varchar)

I know I've to use char variable='char value', but with this cast function... I dunno =/

Thx in advance

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did you try it? – JNK Jul 12 '11 at 3:01
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Warning: float is upto 15 significant figures. For very small and very large number, varchar(15) will lose data.

  • 0.0000123456789012345 is >15 length
  • 1.23456789012345E-05 is >15 length

You could try this

UPDATE FACTURA SET impfisfac= cast(@NumFiscalActual AS varchar(15)) WHERE...

(You need the WHERE clause otherwise every row will get the value)

However, there are issues converting floats: you may find that decimal places are lost (I can't remember exact rules).

So, you can use STR, for example

UPDATE FACTURA SET impfisfac= RTRIM(LTRIM(STR(@NumFiscalActual,38,16))) WHERE...

But you'll lose data as above. So why? Or use decimal fixed point types....

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