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To remove the language toggle from the page view(Comfirmation Page)

I found this code but it doesn't work in Spring MVC

<c:if test="${!fn:contains(pageContext.request.servletPath,'/comfirmation')}">
         //Other Code
  • My actual url is (ShoppingCart.jsp).
  • It is used when /viewCart.htm,/updateCart.htm,/Confirmation.htm,etc.
  • So, the user go to the /Confirmation.htm, it also redirect to the ShoppingCart.jsp but the url path in the browser is /Confirmation.htm.
  • I want to remove the language toggle when call the /Confirmation.htm in the above mention.
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Check out this. stackoverflow.com/questions/1256562/… –  prasann Jul 12 '11 at 5:44

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Finally, I got it. Here we go

    String url=request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path").toString();
     //Language Toggle code
<% } %>

I decided to use this. Another way is that storing url path in session since front controller.

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(Not sure, but) probably <c:if test="${!fn:contains(requestScope['javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path'],'/confir‌​mation')}"> also should work. –  Slava Semushin Jul 15 '11 at 16:07
Yeah ! It work. Thanks. –  Megamind Jul 16 '11 at 3:57

the pageContext.request.servletPath will give you the path of the jsp (and not the url your browser shows).

The request is forwarded to a controller, which returns a path to a view. The view ist called using a second internal request

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