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I have to test performance of project with 20kbps and 40kbps using Jmeter.

I am digging how to set up bandwidth in Jmeter.
Please help me how to set up it in Jmeter.

Will the below configuration control bandwidth thing?
Or any other configuration is there?

# Define characters per second > 0 to emulate slow connections


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From here.

To emulate a bandwidth of, say 100kbps, define a CPS of 
( 100 * 1024 ) / 8, i.e. 100kB divided by 8, so, that would be

Then refer to your summary listener for confirmation this is working.

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We always used a 3rd party tool to throttle bandwidth during performance testing, as Jmeter doesn't have a good way to do this.

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Care to tell us which 3rd party tool you used? – Marcel Stör Jul 1 '14 at 15:15

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