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I want to install Apache Solr on my linux machine, and am wondering if I can install it with yum. yum list prints all available packages, but it's impossible to read through thousands of these to find the right install, especially considering a package could be named virtually anything.

Is there a better way to find out if a particular package is available with yum?

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Have you tried yum search? –  tjameson Jul 12 '11 at 4:35

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Two options (since they both tend to return different results)

yum search solr
yum list | grep solr

I see only the PHP plugin on my machine, but I'm using an older release.

Need even more, you can do a filename match on things with solr in them:

yum provides */*solr*
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yum search solr

If it doesn't find it, you might need to add more repositories.

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