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I am making a small web app that allows users to submit html, css and javascript content via Ace Editor. In this editor, echoing stored content into the editor is simply enough however I cannot find anyway to submit a users input to the database. I can see there is a textarea generated by the JavaScript however I'm not exactly sure what it is doing, how to get to it or if I should be looking for something else entirely.

I'm primarily looking for a field or something that I can use to have php submit into the db.

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The contents of the edit window are available with the session getValue method. For example, here is an extension to the standard ACE demo for save file:

saveFile = function() {
    var contents = env.editor.getSession().getValue();

            {contents: contents },
            function() {
                    // add error checking
                    alert('successful save');

I added the saveFile call to the already existing "Fake Save" that is in demo.js. I replace the alert with code like this:

// Fake-Save, works from the editor and the command line.
    name: "save",
    bindKey: {
        win: "Ctrl-S",
        mac: "Command-S",
        sender: "editor|cli"
    exec: function() {

The php file is just one line:

$r = file_put_contents("foo.txt", $_POST["contents"]) or die("can't open file");

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Hi @Dave See the update to my answer – Paul Beusterien Jul 13 '11 at 2:18
that is bloody brilliant. Thank you. I have three editors on the same page so I can already see how I can use the AJAX post code you have provided to differentiate them. var htmlContents = env.htmlEditor.getSession().getValue(); var cssContents = env.cssEditor.getSession().getValue(); var jsContents = env.jsEditor.getSession().getValue(); Obviously I'd have to also change the content: contents section too. Thank you, you are AWESOME! – Dave Bergschneider Jul 13 '11 at 2:44
Hi @Paul, Is there a way to do this without an AJAX Post? – Dave Bergschneider Jul 28 '11 at 2:22
@Dave - I don't know. Perhaps, try the ACE forum at!forum/ace-discuss – Paul Beusterien Jul 28 '11 at 15:52

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