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I am trying to learn Node.js and using MongoDB.
I got an insert working correctly and can insert as many objects as I want, however I cannot seem to query them at all.
I have tried using every technique posted here and none of them return any of my objects.
I have verified via the Mongo console that the objects exist but I just can't query them and I am absolutely lost as to why.

Here is the current code I'm using to query:

User.findOne({ '': 'James' }, function(user){
    console.log("Got " + user);


The above code returns "null".

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Nearly every time I post a question on SO lately I seem to find the answer myself within 15 minutes.
The answer to this one, is that my callback function is only accepting 1 argument of "user". The first argument in the callback is any Errors that are raised, so obviously there are no errors raised.

Changing the callback to this fixes it:

function(err, user) {
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