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In a bash script I'm writing, I use source to include the variable defined in a configuration file. The script to be executed is act.sh, while the script to be sourced is act.conf.sh, so in act.sh I have:

source act.conf.sh

However this only works when running act.sh in the directory containing it, since act.conf.sh there refers to the file placed under the working directory. Is there a solution to make it refer to the file relative to the executing script without invoking cd? Thanks.

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BASH FAQ entry #28: "How do I determine the location of my script? I want to read some config files from the same place."

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Thanks, I would use readlink. Wasn't able to determine the keywords to search for so posted the question here.... –  Ryan Li Jul 12 '11 at 5:07
Can you pull in the relevant info into the answer in case the bash faq happens to be down? –  Merlyn Morgan-Graham Nov 23 at 23:09

Try the following:

source ${BASH_SOURCE[0]/%act.sh/act.conf.sh}
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