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Is there any way for IFrame to IFrame communication through JavaScript

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check this softwareas.com/cross-domain-communication-with-iframes –  Rauf Jul 12 '11 at 5:31
Google is using one Language for this purpose ...anybody know ??? –  Sreekumar Jul 12 '11 at 5:34

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If the iFrames share the same domain origin, you can directly call Javascript or read/write variables into each iFrame from the other. You get the iFrame object and get the web-page's window object from that.

If the iFrames do not have the same origin, then modern browsers will prevent you from communicating with normal javascript. The only way to pass info is with messaging which is a relatively new browser capability and requires pre-cooperation among the code of both iFrames.

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As jfriend00 said, you can't call javascript across domain. This would violate the Same Origin Policy.

One of the new features of HTML5 is postMessage. This allows you to send a message to an iframe. It then requires a message listener on the content of the iframe to process your message.

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As stated in the other answers there are a few different ways to communicate between the iframe and parent doc, but require control over the iframe document. (postmessage, etc) However, it seems like this will soon become a lot easier as webkit has already implemented new attributes for the iframe - one controlling this behavior and specifically allowing for removing iframe restrictions - namely same domain. While interesting its only html5/webkit but shows some promise for cool future possibilities with iframes http://www.w3schools.com/html5/att_iframe_sandbox.asp

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One of the way we can communicate between iframes by using dojo library dojox cometd dojox.cometd.

Using this we can push every javascript function to another iframe or other page.

We can communicate between different computer with different browser or iframe using same domain but its limitation is we cannot communicate using different domain.

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Just go via the parent and frames.frameId with contentWindow and contentDocument properties, keeping in mind the same origin policy

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