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I have a data like this;

"Date"       "Observe"        "Simulation"

1/01/1985         9.8          7.65

16/01/1985        7.5             5.74

1/02/1985         5.6             3.35

16/02/1985        4.6             3.15

I am using R. I want to make a subset selecting data only for a particular date (i.e. 16th of each month). How can I do this?

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Something like this.

Read in the tabular data from file, I am assuming your file really looks like you have it, but without the empty lines.

dat <- read.table("file.txt", header = TRUE,
  colClasses = c("character", "numeric", "numeric"))

Convert the Date column to a known Date class, specifying explicitly the format used. See ?strptime for the codes available.

dat$gDate <- as.Date(dat$Date, "%d/%m/%Y")

Create a logical vector to match TRUE/FALSE with month day equal to 16.

datesub <- (as.POSIXlt(dat$Date)$mday) == 16

Subset the original data with the logical vector, discarding rows where the day is not "16".

dat16only <- dat[datesub, ]

See ?read.table ?as.Date ?DateTimeClasses ?Comparison and ?Extract

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I had an error in here first time with yday instead of mday, should be fixed now –  mdsumner Jul 12 '11 at 6:38

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