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I want to implement a drawing pane (similar but smaller version to what visio gives for flow charts) in mozilla canvas.

Is there any support for this?

I have used jQuery till now to create the rectangles and move them around. While this is easy here..creating lines (connections between objects) is a real pain. I am using some crude way to color pixel by pixel in javascript and it is neither looking good nor scalable and also I need to build a lot of functions to make the connections stick to a set of objects etc.

Does anyone know if the canvas and the functions available there will make my life easier.

Any pointers to what is a better solution in this case. (I am hoping it is not applet)

Thanks in advance.

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I think the following article gives a better example... http://langexplr.blogspot.com/2008/11/using-canvas-html-element.html

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The following article may offer assistance http://www.redsquirrel.com/dave/work/interactivecanvas/

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