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Due to my page have other jquery plugin that use title attribute, so is that possible for my jquery tooltips to get data from other attribute other than "title"?

<span class="something" title="This is title" otherattr="This is the tooltips"></span>
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What tooltip are you using?qtip?qtip2?Provide as much info as possible when you ask a question. – Nicola Peluchetti Jul 12 '11 at 7:31
Have you tried: $(".something[otherattr]").tooltip(); – joern Jul 12 '11 at 7:33
@Nicola: He provided the link to the tooltip lib he is using. – joern Jul 12 '11 at 7:34
$(".something[otherattr]").tooltip(); cant really work, tried. – Mah Jin Khai Jul 12 '11 at 7:46
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If I understand jTools Tooltip documentation correctly, if you setup the tooltip by a selector other then $("[title]") it will use the element immediately following the trigger as the tooltip content.

So you can do something like this:

   //place a span  with class tooltip after each element with otherattr attribute placing the otherattr text inside it
       $(this).after('<span class="tooltip">' + $(this).attr("otherattr") + '</span>');

   //when we initate the tooltip this way it will use the .tooltip span after each element. 
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In the first paragraph on the page you linked to it says:

"A simple call such as $("img[title]").tooltip(); will enable tooltips by taking advantage of the element's title attribute. "

So this should work:

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You can specify a function as the content for the tooltip and programmatically get the content from the attribute. In this case, you wanted the attribute 'otherattr', so you can try the following:

    "content": function(){ 
        return $(this).attr("otherattr"); 

I had to dig through some source code to figure this one out, by default the tooltip's 'content' can be found by doing

$(".something").tooltip("option", "content")

and see that it returns:

function (){var e=t(this).attr("title")||"";return t("<a>").text(e).html()}

So just write your own instead of using the default function. Hope that helps!

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