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How can we identify any particular object is kind of block or not?

for example,

NSSet *set =[NSSet setWithObjects:
             [^{ /* ..... some code */ } copy],

How can we find out which object from set is kind of block?

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There is no supported way to do this. You must keep track of what objects are blocks, and what their type signatures are.

Do you have a practical use case for a set of mixed strings and blocks?

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Well, strictly you can check that an object is something other than a block (since a block is not e.g. an NSString). And that is supported. –  alastair Jul 12 '11 at 12:12

It's possible, but I wouldn't recommend doing this, because NSBlock is not a public class and its name might change in the future:

if ([obj isKindOfClass:NSClassFromString(@"NSBlock")]) {
    NSLog(@"It's a block!");
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I suppose that ![thing isKindOfClass:[NSObject class]], while not technically correct (you don't have to subclass NSObject), will probably get you want you want.

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That won't work. NSBlock is derived from NSObject. [NSClassFromString(@"NSBlock") isSubclassOfClass:[NSObject class]] returns YES. –  omz Jul 12 '11 at 8:09

If you only have strings and blocks, just check ![thing isKindOfClass:[NSString class]]. i.e. invert your test.

Likewise, if you have strings, numbers and blocks, check that thing is not a string or a number, and in that case it must (by deduction) be a block. Either that, or your program is incorrect and will crash.

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Wrap your block in a class of your own:

BlockWrapper *blockWrapper = [BlockWrapper wrapperWithBlock:^{ … }];

Check for the type and extract the actual block:

if ([obj isKindOfClass:[BlockWrapper class]]) {
    codeBlock = [(BlockWrapper*)obj block];
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There is a safer way to determine if something is a block without actually using private api or constructing a class using the private string name:

- (BOOL)isBlock:(id)item {
    id block = ^{};
    Class blockClass = [block class];
    while ([blockClass superclass] != [NSObject class]) {
        blockClass = [blockClass superclass];
    return [item isKindOfClass:blockClass];
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