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How we can change the languages as per selection done from the language menu.

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You mean how to implement a menu so that user could switch the language? What is wrong with preselected language (the one that user already set in his/her phone)? – Paweł Dyda Jul 12 '11 at 19:34
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In your res folder, you should have a folder called values. Inside that folder, place a strings.xml file.

The strings.xml files should contain something like this

    <string name="app_name">My App Name</string>
    <string name="someText">someText in default language</string>
    <string name="nonTranslatedText">someText only in default language</string>

If you want to support other languages, just create additional values folders inside res, also containing a string.xml file, containing the translations.

So if you want to support Dutch for example, create a strings.xml in a values-nl folder, containing this :

    <string name="app_name">My App Name in Dutch</string>
    <string name="someText">someText in Dutch</string>

The translations will be automatically picked up by Android when the user switches languages. If no translations can be found for the given language (ex: the nonTranslatedText string), it will default to the ones found in res/values/strings.xml.

You can refer to these strings in layouts like this :

<Button android:id="@+id/someId" style="@style/someStyle" android:text="@string/someText"/> 

Or in java objects like this :

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public static Typeface hindiTypeface;

public static Typeface getTypeface(Context mContext) {

    int languageOptionValue = 0;
    if (WelcomeActivity.userSettings != null) {
        languageOptionValue = WelcomeActivity.userSettings.getInt(
                "language", 0);

    if (languageOptionValue == 1) {
        if (hindiTypeface == null)
            hindiTypeface = initHindiFont(mContext);
        return hindiTypeface;
    } else {
        return Typeface.DEFAULT;

public static Typeface initHindiFont(Context mContext) {

    AssetManager assetManagerHindi = mContext.getAssets();
    try {"droid_hindi.ttf");
    } catch (IOException e) {
    return Typeface.createFromAsset(assetManagerHindi, "droid_hindi.ttf");


These is for playing with hindi text in api level 4.

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I believe what you were asking is a combination of what ddewaele replied and what you can find in the following link.

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