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in a mono exe i am creating .sh scripts file containing codes as below


tar -cvf /data/folder1/folder2/.../xyz.tar /data/...../tarHomeFolder/myTarFolder > /data/logs/tarLogs.txt 

..... .... and the codes continue..

this .sh file is located in /data/...../tarHomeFolder and in my .exe i call it using "bash 'full path of .sh file'"

when i run this code in this way, it creates the tar but when i open the tar i see folders from the root directory.. (data/..../tarHomeFolder/myTarFolder/.....) instead of this i want my tar contain only directory structure of its folder (myTarFolder).

then i changed the code to :

tar -cvf /data/folder1/folder2/.../xyz.tar myTarFolder > /data/logs/tarLogs.txt 

knowing that .sh file is in tarHomeFolder but then my script tells no such file or directory for myTarFolder ..

when i use tar command right in command prompt, using the command

tar -cvf /data/folder1/folder2/.../xyz.tar myTarFolder > /data/logs/tarLogs.txt 

it creates the tar directory structure as i want, so, how can i make it do the same in my bash file created and executed by mono .exe ?

thanks in advance.

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i just noticed why i had no such file or directory error, it is because the mono .exe file interprets the relative paths relative to its own path. the .exe is in /data/....../tarApps and the tarHomeFolder could be reached from tarApps using cd ../tarHomeFolder when i changed this it created the tar file, but this time the tar's root directory was named "..\tarHomeFolder\myTarFolder......" so, does this change any suggestions you provided? –  iteyran Jul 12 '11 at 9:07

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All you need to do is change your directory before running tar. Something like this:

# If your full path to the directory is in DIR = "/data/...../tarHomeFolder/myTarFolder"
cd $(dirname $DIR)
tar -cvf /data/folder1/folder2/.../xyz.tar $(basename $DIR) > /data/logs/tarLogs.txt 

This will leave you with relative paths, starting with myTarFolder, in your tar file.

Useful references:

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thank you, i just tested your suggestion, and it worked. thank you –  iteyran Jul 12 '11 at 9:23

Something like this:

tar -cvf /data/folder1/folder2/.../xyz.tar -C /data/...../tarHomeFolder/ myTarFolder > /data/logs/tarLogs.txt

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It's not as visible as I intended, there's a -C option with the path to tarHomeFolder, and the final "bare" argument is the myTarFolder, relative to that. –  Szocske Jul 12 '11 at 8:44

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