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I want to declare a variable in table valued function. How can I do it?

Please helpme!

Thanks in advance.

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inline or multi-statement? Like MSDN describes them? –  gbn Jul 12 '11 at 8:56
Declare variable just like declaring in store procedure. Nothing new to change in declaring variable in store procedure. Search in any search engine you will find lots of article,comments blogs. –  Yogesh Bhadauirya Jul 12 '11 at 11:51
@YogeshBhadauirya The problem with the ridiculous "use a search engine" response is that this is where the search engine points. Kind of an infinite recursion situation. It's best to either delete the page or just answer the question. –  Volvox Feb 28 at 21:26
This question deserves more love: to be re-openned and the answer below accepted. It actually is a real question. –  Askolein Jul 2 at 9:05

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There are two flavors of table valued functions. One that is just a select statement and one that can have more rows than just a select statement.

This can not have a variable:

create function Func() returns table
select 10 as ColName

You have to do like this instead:

create function Func()
returns @T table(ColName int)
  declare @Var int
  set @Var = 10
  insert into @T(ColName) values (@Var)
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