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Recently, I have started using Xcode 4 for developing iOS apps.

In Xcode intellisense's autocomplete box, there are some letters in colored boxes before every suggestion. I know that they represent the property of the word we are typing like f,T,C,M,P,C,K,# etc. enter image description here

Is there some kind of glossary available to find their quick meanings?

Meanings of f,C,T,# are understandable (function, class etc) but there are many others which I dont know. I assume these letters are standard across all IDEs like Visual Studio, Netbeans etc. Correct me if I am wrong.

Please suggest.

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In Xcode this is called "Code Sense". And these icons also exist in Xcode 3.

Red: macros

  • # = macro (think #define)

Brown: Core Data / namespace

  • C = modeled class
  • M = modeled method
  • P = modeled property

  • N = C++ namespace

Orange: aliased types

  • C̲ = Objective-C category
  • E = enum
  • T = typedef

Green: variables

  • B = binding
  • ƒ = function
  • F = field
  • K = constant
  • L = local variable
  • O = IBOutlet
  • V = variable (can be ivar, global var, local var, etc.)
  • x = parameter (think f(x))

Blue: methods

  • A = IBAction
  • M = method
  • P = property

Purple: aggregate types

  • C = class (Objective-C or C++)
  • ₠ = class extension
  • Pr = Objective-C protocol
  • S = struct
  • U = union

You should be able to look up the meanings from the filenames from /Developer/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DVTFoundation.framework/Resources/Xcode.SourceCodeSymbolKind.*.Icon.tiff. Note that, not all icons are used in Code Sense, as these are shared by all Xcode components.

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Thanks @KennyTM for your detailed answer! This will help me (and many others :)) to quickly ramp up on cocoa development on XCode. Thanks again! –  hiprakhar Jul 23 '11 at 14:18
Nice, but more nice if you could put the icons and the explanation together. –  Wronski Mar 15 '14 at 4:18

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